Arya Toll Infra Ltd (Arya Toll) is engaged in Toll Operations of the Road Infrastructure Sector and has a pan-india presence. Its operations include pure toll collection projects and OMT projects (toll collection with maintenance obligation) awarded by NHAI (National Highway Authority of India) and State Govt Authorities.   Apart from above it also undertakes Toll collection back-to-back subcontracts from the main contractors of NHAI and State Govt Authorities. Although a relatively new entrant in this line, Arya Toll has experience of operating 10 toll plazas across India in a short span of 1 year. 

In the infrasector, Arya Toll aspires to make an entry in to Road Construction Projects on subcontract basis. It also aims at undertaking Coal Mining Projects of medium size on Joint Venture basis.


The Toll Projects are bagged on competitive systems of E-tendering as well as Regular Bidding. Typical applications of are Collection of User Fee through fee collecting Toll Plazas with multi-application payment systems with one single smart card being used to pay for stop/go tolls, non-stop tolls, public transport and other payments in the high-speed mobility environment. In payment systems, Arya Toll Infra provides and operates the entire infrastructure and the clearinghouse.


Arya Toll offers its clients efficient and speedy Toll Collection Service on 24/7 real time basis and meets its obligation to the Client to their complete satisfaction.